14 March 2005

From: David A. Miller

66 G Street

Seaside Park NJ 08752

To: Assignment Judge Eugene Serpentelli

Ocean County Superior Court

Washington Avenue

Toms River NJ 08753

Subject: evidence of criminal activity to be presented to be presented to a grand jury


Dear Sir:

Recent events in Monmouth County by the United States Attorney’s office have given me hope that seemingly pervasive New Jersey corruption is being seriously addressed, albeit not by state and county law enforcement.

It is my understanding because of a ruling by the New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division regarding a dispute between Monmouth County attorney Larry Loigman and the Monmouth County Prosecutor that private citizens who have evidence of a commission of a crime can bring such evidence to the attention of a grand jury. Therefore, following the instructions of Appellate Division Judge Donald Coburn, I request that you direct the Ocean County Prosecutor to read my enclosed Brief, Reply, and the summary of arguments herein that demonstrate Ocean County Superior Court Judge Edward Oles’ corruption to a grand jury. The materials to be presented to a grand jury clearly show that Judge Oles hindered prosecution (NJSA 2C:29-3a) of criminal activity (identity theft, conspiracy, and perjury/ NJSA 2C:21-17, NJSA 2-6/2C:5-2, NJSA 2C:28-1).

The evidence contained in the Brief and Reply easily establish the legal elements required for conviction, therefore surely a grand jury will decide that there is sufficient evidence to indict Judge Oles for hindering prosecution. Because of the multiple, strong evidence of Judge Oles’ unfounded bias, his conduct cannot be defended by claiming judicial discretion. I give you credit for not being a fool, therefore if you refute my claim of criminal corruption of Judge Oles you provide tangible evidence of your own corruption.I cannot accept that it was coincidence that my introduction to the judiciary involved a demonstrably corrupt judge (Oles), hence my opinion of Ocean County Superior Court judges.

Clearly Judge Oles’, on behalf of Community Medical Center, covered up in his written opinion the strong evidence of criminal activity which was central to a civil suit. I also suspect that Judge Oles did not notify the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office of a criminal matter that he noted during oral arguments in my case which implicated Community Medical Center; I have certainly not been contacted by the Ocean County Prosecutor regarding this matter.

It is clear that Judge Oles fixed the civil case Miller v. Community Medical Center et al., and covered up criminal wrong-doing by Community Medical Center.

I believe that you will deny my request regarding a grand jury presentation, therefore the draft to subsequently appeal your decision has already been prepared. The appellate division judges assigned to my case are already aware of Judge Oles’ corruption because of my efforts regarding a change of venue.

Since a violation of federal law is involved in Miller v. Community Medical Center et al., I recently sent a package of evidence to the FBI office in Monmouth County and to the US Attorney’s office in Trenton that demonstrate Judge Oles’ conduct. I suspect that if the US Attorney is serious about removing appointed and elected New Jersey officials who have betrayed the public trust, then he can easily prosecute and convict Judge Oles in federal court based upon the evidence that I provided. I will of course forward to federal offices a copy of your anticipated denial of my request regarding the grand jury; of course, if my request is ignored by you I will forward that information, and I will automatically submit my appeal within one month of today’s date.

In the remote event that you send my allegations to a grand jury, I will of course demand to monitor the actions of the prosecutor’s office since I believe that the Ocean County Prosecutor is no less corrupt than Edward Oles.



David A. Miller

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