Presumably most New Jersey citizens know that their state government is based upon the same three-branch system as that upon which the federal government is based. The founding fathers of the United States based the federal government on a three-branch system so that the power of one branch could be checked and balanced by the powers of the other two branches; in order to work there could be no control of any two branches by the same force. New Jersey government is corrupt specifically because all three branches are presumably connected and controlled by a few unelected bosses. The bosses of New Jersey obviously do not control state government for altruistic reasons; the bosses control state government in order to drain as much money as possible from the state treasury.

Consider the premise that New Jersey government has the most corrupt state government in the country; this premise is inconsistent with the existence of an honest judiciary, yet there has not been an impeachment of a judge in New Jersey within recent memory. It is clear that a corrupt judiciary enjoys the protection of the executive and the legislative branches of government.

I had no doubt that Ocean County (New Jersey) state senators Andrew Ciesla and Christopher Conners were part of the same corrupt machine that controls the corrupt Ocean County judiciary; nevertheless I presented both senators with the evidence of judicial corruption in my case that included the evidence of corruption of the state supreme court. Of course both Ciesla and Connors ignored my evidence, and neither one of them responded to my claim of judicial corruption. 

I provided tangible evidence of judicial corruption and cover up to all the members of the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee none of whom responded to my request that the evidence be addressed.

One of the members of the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee to whom I provided evidence of judicial corruption is Monmouth County senator Jennifer Beck who ignored the overwhelming evidence of judicial corruption; Beck is clearly a part of the organized governmental corruption that infects New Jersey.  

I presented the tangible evidence of judicial corruption and cover up to my state representatives (from Ocean County) David Wolfe and James Holzapfel; of course they did not respond to my request to address that evidence. Clearly both Wolfe and Holzapfel are part of the same political machine that controls the corrupt Ocean County judiciary.

Richard Codey is president of the New Jersey senate, and is presumably a responsible legislator who will not tolerate a demonstrably corrupt state supreme court; that presumption is wrong. I presented to Codey the tangible evidence that the New Jersey Supreme Court not only covered up the egregious corruption
of subordinate courts, but that the state supreme court corruptly defeated the legislative intent in my case of the whistleblowing law. Codey did not respond to my request that the evidence of corruption be addressed. 

It is my understanding that the Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly Joe Roberts has the sole authority to ask the New Jersey Assembly to decide whether or not to impeach the state supreme court. Accordingly I presented the facts of my case to Roberts' office, and demonstrated that the New Jersey Supreme Court brazenly disregarded legislative intent. I never received a response from Robert's office to my request.    

My case demonstrates a completely corrupt, unchallenged New Jersey judiciary that perverts and disregards the law in order to serve political interests. My case also demonstrates posturing politicians who refuse to address overwhelming evidence of judicial corruption; New Jersey arguably has the most corrupt state government in the country because of that willingness to ignore and/or cover up tangible evidence of corruption. 

Legislators have an obligation to ensure that their constituents are served by an honest judiciary, and the ignoring by legislators of tangible evidence of judicial corruption is a betrayal of trust at least, and is evidence of their (the legislators') corruption at most. 

I never thought that I would be forced to enter the legal/justice system, and I am ashamed to admit my belief prior to that entry in the honesty of that system. Voters who cannot imagine their victimization by an unchallenged, corrupt judiciary will without doubt return the aforementioned legislators to office.    

To paraphrase the script from the motion picture The Magnificent Seven, God would not have made the voters of New Jersey sheep if He did not want them fleeced by New Jersey's bosses.
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