Residents of Ocean County (NJ) presumably think that governmental corruption in their county is nonexistent because of the complete absence of related news articles in the Asbury Park Press that is the area's largest newspaper. 

My case demonstrates pervasive and demonstrable corruption not only within the Ocean County judiciary but also of the state's highest court. I provided tangible evidence of the corruption in my case to the Asbury Park Press and to the Newark Star Ledger, yet both those newspapers ignored that evidence that would presumably interest their readers. 

The residents of Ocean County are presumably interested in a verifiable story regarding the sale of both civil law and criminal law at the Ocean County Superior Court, yet the Asbury Park Press chose to ignore the story told in this web site. 

It is a fact that the aforementioned newspapers ignored evidence of governmental corruption in my case; it is likely that those newspapers ignored credible evidence provided by others who had the temerity to challenge other instances of clear governmental corruption.
It has been reported by media watchers that the media in the United States has been corrupted regarding its arguable primary function that is to monitor the government and report its misdeeds; that function is clearly being accomplished via the internet.     

Presented in this web site is proof that Ocean County Superior Court judges Serpentelli (retired), Oles (retired), and Buczynski are/were corrupt judges and are liars who protected Community Medical Center regarding the violation of civil and criminal law.
Lawyers are presumably disbarred when it is proven that they lied in court, and presumably judges are not only disbarred but are removed from the bench (impeached) when it is proven that they purposefully lied in court or in court documents, yet the Asbury Park Press ignored the evidence of judicial wrong doing in this case that would seemingly interest its readers. 

It is unlikely that I would have been victimized by a corrupt government unless the media's silence in this matter was assured. 
Voters need to know about tangible evidence of governmental corruption.

Voters also need to know that their elected representatives either are connected to governmental corruption or refuse to dutifully address that corruption. 

My case involved 
multiple legislators who ignored tangible evidence of governmental (judicial) corruption that they were obligated to address, yet voters were not informed of that dereliction that would presumably influence their vote. 

Those voters who cannot imagine being victimized by a corrupt judge, or who cannot perceive the danger that a corrupt judiciary represents will return the aforementioned legislators to office.

New Jersey voters were not informed that a former United States Attorney for their state ignored overwhelming evidence of the most egregious form of public corruption possible, namely organized judicial corruption that was manifested by the undeniable acceptance of bribes.

The aforementioned United States Attorney Christopher Christie used his record of prosecuting public corruption during his campaign to become governor of New Jersey. 

Yet the Asbury Park Press and the Newark Star Ledger concealed Christie's hypocracy regarding his refusal to address the tangible evidence of corruption in my case. The judicial corruption in my case undeniably represents a betrayal of public trust far more egregious than any of Christie's successfully-hit targets in the fight against public corruption; Christie is in fact aware of that betrayal yet he remains silent about it.  

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