The organized judicial corruption exposed by my case could only have resulted from the acceptance of bribes that could have been direct or indirect; no other rational possibility exists to explain the judicial protection afforded to a transparently-guilty connected interest regarding the violation of civil and criminal law. 

An indication that corruption in New Jersey will continue is that the the residents of Andover Road, Forked River will likely overlook the undeniable evidence that their neighbor Frank Buczynski is a corrupt judge and a deceiving liar who willingly hurt an innocent person in order to protect a criminally-guilty connected interest.

Presumably there once was a time when someone like Buczynski would have been shunned by a principled community that recognized that a corrupt judge represented no less a heinous affront to society than a child rapist.

The passage of time cannot alter the fact that Buczynski is a corrupt judge and always will be a liar. And of course Buczynski will again  sell the law just like he did in my case.   


It is an indication that corruption in New Jersey will continue as long as the residents of Frann Road, Toms River and Princeton Avenue, Brick overlook the evidence that their neighbors Edward Oles and Eugene Serpentelli were corrupt judges who sold civil and criminal law to a connected interest.

The passage of time cannot alter the fact that Oles and Serpentelli were corrupt judges; they now enjoy a generous retirement courtesy of the taxpayers (and of the local political boss)  despite their corrupt service. Like Buczynski, Oles and Serpentelli are both demonstrable liars and will always be liars.   

It is an indication that corruption in New Jersey will continue as long as the residents of White Spruce Drive, Toms River overlook the evidence that their neighbor Thomas O'Brien participated in the judicial corruption that denied to me the remedies that are the intent of the law. I will never forget O'Brien's smile as he denied my request to make my case before a jury in order to recover $15,000 worth of  earned-not-used  vacation time. My interraction with O'Brien was not extensive enough for me to obtain evidence that he is just as much of a deceiving liar as Oles, Serpentelli, and Buczynski, however it would seem that being a deceiving liar is a job requirement in order to be appointed to be a judge in New Jersey by one of its political bosses. 

Like Buczynski, O'Brien will again sell the law just like he did in my case.


Corrupt judges like Oles, Serpentelli, Buczynski, and O'Brien belong in jail  no less than former US attorney Christie's successfully-hit targets Wayne Bryant (who used state funds in order to create a no-show job for himself at a state university) and Sharpe James (who used his public office as Newark's (New Jersey) mayor to enrich a female acquaintance). 

However, those who would indict corrupt judges (prosecutors) are appointed to their positions by New Jersey political bosses. 

Corruption will continue in New Jersey as long as elected officials are not held accountable for their refusal to dutifully fight it. 

Elected officials who refuse to address demonstrable corruption must be recognized to be part of the corruption that they refuse to address.

My district state legislators Holzapfel, Wolfe, and Ciesla are clearly a part of the corruption evidence of which they refused to acknowledge or refute. 

It is obvious that a written refutation by Holzapfel, Wolfe, and Ciesla of the evidence of judicial corruption in my case would be tangible evidence of their corruption. 

However, the stonewalling by Ciesla, Holzapfel, and Wolfe regarding my presentation of credible evidence of judicial corruption is no less tangible evidence of their corruption.  

The corruption of Ciesla, Holzapfel, and Wolfe could only have resulted from the acceptance of a direct or indirect bribe, because no other possibility exists for their ignoring the judicial sale of civil and criminal law in my case.  

It is an indication that corruption in New Jersey will continue as long as voters who are aware of the corruption of Ciesla, Holzapfel, and Wolfe return them to public office.


It is an indication that corruption in New Jersey will continue as long as the media, for example the local Asbury Park Press that is the second largest newspaper in New Jersey, conceals credible evidence  of judicial corruption from its readers and by extension conceals the refusal by elected representatives to dutifully address that corruption.

Presumably readers understand that pervasive governmental corruption cannot exist without the corruption of the media. 

Christopher Christie, current governor of New Jersey, was presumably elected because of his well-publicized though phony and posturing fight against public corruption.

Christie cannot claim to be ignorant of the evidence  of governmental corruption in my case*, yet New Jersey voters because they are presumably ignorant and/or unethical elected him to be their governor.

Christie is New Jersey's answer to disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer who was presumably elected because of his phony and posturing fight against crime in New York. 

Spitzer stated for the cameras that "ethics and integrity" were to be the hallmarks of his administration, yet he was caught tied to a prostitution ring while governor.    
*Note: In order to be sure of getting his attention I copied on several occasions evidence of corruption to Christie's residence in Mendham (Corey Lane), New Jersey. My mailing to Christie's residence resulted in a visit to my home by federal marshals who, like New Jersey state police detectives, attempted to suppress my first amendment rights regarding my utilization of the US mail for the purposes of disseminating evidence of governmental corruption.      

It is beyond dispute that the corruption in New Jersey that is arguably destroying it cannot exist without the protection of a corrupt judiciary. Voters might consider that Ocean County judicial corruption, as well as New Jersey-wide judicial corruption, is directly impacting them.  


My petition to the New Jersey Supreme Court for a second trial, after winning the first trial, was necessitated by judicial corruption that denied to me the remedies that are the established intent of the whistle blowing law. I was notified in March 2008 by the New Jersey Supreme Court that  my petition for a new trial was denied. Further, the New Jersey Supreme Court disagreed (by way of a letter written by the clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court) with my allegations of judicial corruption; in other words, the New Jersey Supreme Court attempted to cover up the evidence of judicial corruption that has been presumably clearly demonstrated by this web site.    

Most acquaintances who are familiar with my case advise me to move on with my life and to forget that I was figuratively raped by a corrupt government; victims can readily understand that moving on after such an experience is not easy, and may report that it is impossible.

The advice to move on with my life implies that I should accept the reality of corruption, but I will not accept that reality especially when demonstrably corrupt judges are not held accountable and remain in positions that enable them to victimize others who, like me, had naive trust in the legal system.

In the manner in which proven child molestors are exposed to the public in order to safeguard children, corrupt judges should also be exposed especially when organized governmental corruption protects those judges. 

One of the most important duties of an elected lawmaker is to insure that his constituents are served by an honest judiciary. Corrupt lawmakers who are protected by a corrupt media must be exposed to the community in any way possible. 
I now understand the post trauma of those who were victimized by criminals and whose lives were scarred by that experience, therefore I started to build this web site in September 2008 primarily in order to help my healing process after being victimized by a corrupt government that ensured the destruction of my nursing career and the loss of my life savings while knowingly protecting the party who was responsible for those losses. 

However I also built this web site: 

-in order to provide evidence to New Jersey nurses that the whistle blowing law is in fact worthless if their employer is able to buy judicial protection from the law; 

-in order to provide evidence to Ocean County (New Jersey) residents that their superior court and their state supreme court are demonstrably corrupt; 

-in order to inform Ocean County residents that the Asbury Park Press, that is the area's local newspaper and that is also the second largest newspaper in New Jersey, will conceal evidence of organized governmental corruption from its readers; 

-in order to demonstrate to Ocean County residents that Community Medical Center is protected by a corrupt judiciary regarding the violation of civil and criminal law;

-in order to inform Ocean County residents that their elected state legislators Wolfe, Holzapfel, and Ciesla refused to address the blatant judicial corruption that my case exposed, and that their refusal is arguably due to their corruption by the same force that corrupted the Ocean County judiciary. 

My win at trial demonstrates that Community Medical Center and the Saint Barnabas Health Care System will in fact retaliate against whistleblowers, and it is a fact (that trial judge Buczynski prevented a jury from proclaiming) that Community Medical Center and the Saint Barnabas Health Care System will criminally retaliate against whistleblowers with impunity because of the protection provided to the Saint Barnabas Health Care System by a corrupt New Jersey judiciary.   
The denial of compensation for my losses, and the denial of punitive damages for the egregious action taken against me by Community Medical Center proves that the whistleblowing law in New Jersey provides no protection to whistleblowers when an employer/defendant is politically connected.     

My case demonstrates that the American Nurses Association and the New Jersey State Nurses Association will disregard the nursing code of ethics and will abandon whistleblowing nurses; this fact and the fact mentioned above will surely prevent future whistleblowing by a New Jersey nurse.  

My case demonstrates that state legislators will ignore tangible evidence of judicial corruption.   

My case demonstrates that the New Jersey Attorney General will ignore tangible evidence of judicial corruption.

My case demonstrates that an oversight committee in New Jersey, the Advisory Committee for Judicial Conduct, covers up tangible evidence of judicial corruption.  

My case demonstrates that the media in New Jersey will ignore tangible evidence of organized governmental corruption.  

My case demonstrates that a federal law enforcement officer, now governor of New Jersey Christopher Christie, ignored tangible evidence of egregious corruption in my case; that corruption extended to the highest level of state government that now includes his former assistant Stuart Rabner who is now chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

New Jersey now has a demonstrably-corrupt governor and a top judge both of whom accepted bribes in return for covering up the corruption exposed by my case.

Christie's ignoring of the blatant evidence of judicial corruption in my case would seem to be explained by political motives regarding his planned campaign to become governor of New Jersey; arguably Christie accordingly betrayed a public trust that is far more egregious than the betrayal of trust by the likes of convicted public officials who were targeted by his office.      

My case demonstrates that the media in New Jersey will ignore trial wins by whistleblowers within the Saint Barnabas Health Care System*.

*The newspaper headlines that appear in this web site were taken from the defunct Ocean County (NJ) Observer. The Ocean County Observer was arguably a second-rate newspaper, and it in fact distorted the facts of my case and falsely stated in particular that I was never accused by Community Medical Center of morphine theft. 

The nightmare that was my experience with the New Jersey legal system has shown me the cost of watching out for the other person, and my nightmare has shown me the reality of the moral breakdown of our society that I fear will get much worse. 

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