The New Jersey Supreme Court did not inform me that my appeal was denied until early March 2008 even though that decision was made in the fall of 2007.  I had copied a letter in early March 2008 to US Attorney Christie that informed him that I was still waiting for a decision from the New Jersey Supreme Court. I received notice from the New Jersey Supreme Court less than one week after my latest letter to Christie. 

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner is a former federal colleague of Christie, and the two were supposed partners in the fight against corruption when Rabner was New Jersey Attorney General. Christie was clearly in contact with Chief Justice Rabner, and they were both aware of the evidence of judicial corruption in my case. 

At the time that Community Medical Center (hereinafter CMC)  set me up for morphine theft, suspended me, and shortly thereafter fired me I had accumulated earned-not-used vacation time. I accumulated 405 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO). I had also accumulated 112 hours of paid time off that was known as Vacation Incentive Days (VID); when employees were scheduled to work on a paid holiday, for example Christmas, they were credited with eight hours of vacation time. Therefore at the time that CMC set me up for morphine theft I had accumulated a total of 517 hours of vacation time that was worth nearly $13,000 (click to see a photocopy of my last pay statement showing the hours of PTO and VID that I had earned, then click the Back button to return to the presentation).    

A written policy at CMC stated that earned-not-used vacation time money is reimbursed to an employee who resigns with notice (click to see a photocopy of that policy); after my termination that was shown to be unlawful retaliation CMC refused to reimburse that money to me (click to see a photocopy of a letter written to me by CMC's attorney in which he stated that CMC will not reinstate me to my job and that CMC will not reimburse earned money to me).

I was unable to secure employment as an RN after my termination from CMC, and as a last resort I attempted to recover my job at CMC; my presentation at CMC was met by a representative of the personnel department who was flanked by two security guards; that representative told me that I could complete an online application and wait for a job opening. 

After my win at trial Buczynski refused to order CMC to reimburse money to me that I earned no less than I earned my last paycheck (click to see a photocopy of the 31 March transcript page 11/line 17,  and verify that Buczynski refused to order CMC to reimburse earned money to me).

If an employer wrongly witholds earned pay one would think that an employee would not have to be knowledgeable regarding courtroom procedure in order to  recover that pay in a court of law; presumably an employee need only provide proof that he earned that pay, and also presumably he would not be required to adhere to rigid courtroom procedure in order to recover that money, yet I was prevented from recovering earned money because of the action of a corrupt judge (Buczynski). 

After the New Jersey Supreme Court denied my appeal for a new trial so that I could obtain the remedies that are the intent of the whistle blowing law I filed litigation in small claims court in order to recover earned vacation time money; it was inconcievable to me that any judge would deny to me the chance to present evidence of my small claim to a jury, but that is exactly what Ocean County Superior Court Judge Thomas O'Brien did; O'Brien dismissed my case just like Oles dismissed my case in the presence of evidence that later enabled me to win a trial. With seven year's worth of earned interest the value of my earned-not-taken vacation time dollar amount was at least $15,000 that is the maximum amount that can be potentially recovered in small claims court.

O'Brien, who lives on White Spruce Drive in Toms River, New Jersey smiled at me when he denied my request to present my small claims case to a jury (click to see a photocopy of the order by O'Brien that dismissed my small claims case). Like all the corrupt judges who were associated with my case O'Brien ignored the well-known remedial intent of the whistle blowing law and told me that I should have presented the evidence of my losses at the trial in my case. 

Although my letter writing campaign was irrelevant to my small claims case O'Brien questioned me about the letters that I had written to several judges in my case that defamed them. O'Brien also admonished me for claiming that the New Jersey judiciary was corrupt. O'Brien's admonishment regarding my well-supported claim of corruption exposes the fact that he too is a deceiving and corrupt judge, because this web site provides the tangible evidence of corruption  that will protect me before a jury of my peers at a defamation trial at which I am the defendant. If not for the presence of two court deputies one of whom was positioned less than six feet away from me (I did not want to spend time in a jail cell because of my contempt for a corrupt O'Brien) I would have reminded O'Brien that he is also a corrupt judge who was appointed to the bench by the local political boss because of his contempt for the law and because of his willingness to corrupt the law upon command. 

O'Brien also criticized me because of my seven year quest for justice that was repeatedly frustrated by his corrupt judicial colleagues. O'Brien accused me of not believing in the rule of law, yet the rule of law includes the judicial adherence to the well-established legislative intent of law that was repeatedly disregarded in my case. Oles, Kestin, Buczynski, and the state supreme court transparently disregarded the remedial intent of the whistleblowing law.        

O'Brien dismissed my small claims case because of my intention to show a jury evidence of criminal retaliation that directly lead to my unlawful termination. O'Brien protected CMC (and the Saint Barnabas Health Care System) regarding the violation of criminal law; O'Brien's protection was no different than the protection provided first by Oles, Serpentelli, Ocean County Prosecutor Kelaher, Buczynski, Kestin, and the entire  New Jersey Supreme Court.
After reviewing this web site no rational reader can trust a judge in New Jersey.   
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