In the hierarchy of the New Jersey judicial system decisions made by county Superior Court judges can be appealed to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court; decisions made by Appellate Division judges can be appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

I appealed the dismissal of my case by Ocean County Superior Court Judge Edward Oles (hereinafter Oles), and shortly before Oles’ dismissal of my case was overturned by an Appellate Division court I submitted packages of evidence to Ocean County Superior Court Assignment Judge Eugene Serpentelli (hereinafter Serpentelli) and to the Ocean County Prosecutor who at that time was a man by the name of Thomas Kelaher (hereinafter Kelaher).

The aforementioned packages contained the evidence of criminal retaliation by Community Medical Center (hereinafter CMC) regarding the theft of my identity and the staging of the morphine theft of which I was falsely accused.

The aforementioned packages were also identical to the materials that I submitted to the Appellate Division regarding my appeal of Oles’ dismissal of my case.

Years after I was accused of morphine theft I believe in the complete corruption of the New Jersey judiciary, therefore in hindsight it is curious to me that the Appellate Division ruled in my favor regarding my first appeal.

However, the Appellate Division attempted to cover up the evidence of criminal wrong doing in my case; that cover up will be demonstrated on a subsequent page within this web site, and it would seem that the motivation for that grossly unethical cover up was to protect a corrupt fellow judge (Oles) rather than to protect a guilty CMC and Saint Barnabas Health Care System.

As part of the appeal process to the Appellate Division I submitted a written presentation called a brief in which I explained the merits of my case. In my brief I repeated twenty four times my claim, that was supported by the same evidence that I submitted to Oles, Serpentelli, and Kelaher, that CMC arranged the theft of my identity that was then used to stage a theft of morphine that was attributed to me.

When the Appellate Division judges overturned Oles’ dismissal of my case they issued a written opinion that I will present on a subsequent page. The Appellate Division judges in their written opinion make no mention whatsoever of my sensational claim of criminal retaliation that arguably was demonstrated beyond credible refute.

Presumably an unfounded but relevant claim of criminal retaliation that involved the establishment of a legal element in my case, namely causal connection/retaliation, that was mentioned twenty four times in my brief would have at least been mentioned and refuted by the Appellate Division judges.

At the time that I presented the aforementioned package of evidence to Serpentelli I included a letter in which I requested that the evidence of criminal wrong doing be presented to a grand jury (click to see a copy of that letter); my letter to Serpentelli obviously demonstrates my mistrust in New Jersey judges.

Subsequent to that letter to Serpentelli I sent another letter to him in which I requested that he postpone a possible grand jury presentation of my evidence. I had by that time become suspicious of judicial excuses for failing to take certain actions, and I naively thought that a criminal indictment against Oles could only occur after he was removed via impeachment from his judicial position.

Serpentelli responded in writing to my request, and he attempted to transform my request for postponement into a request to disregard the evidence that nearly completely destroyed my life.

Serpentelli did, however, state in his letter that he sees no reason to take action regarding my allegations of corruption and criminal wrong doing (click to see a copy of Serpentelli’s letter), and this statement demonstrates his gross prejudice regarding evidence, hence his corruption. 

Former Ocean County Prosecutor Kelaher repeatedly stonewalled my attempts to determine whether the package of evidence that demonstrated criminal retaliation would be presented to a grand jury; I appeared twice at his office, telephoned four times, and wrote two follow up letters that were all ignored.
The only evidence I have that Kelaher was corrupt is my testimony before a jury as a defendant at a defamation trial that he ignored evidence of a crime perpetrated by a connected party; I look forward to presenting at that time the evidence that Kelaher ignored. 

The same evidence of criminal retaliation that was clearly recognized but covered up by the Appellate Division was therefore recognized and covered up by Oles, Serpentelli, and Kelaher.

Other than the acceptance of a bribe what motivation can explain the cover up of evidence that was clearly recognized by the Appellate Division? 

One of the ploys that is used by corrupt judges is to distort legitimate requests for judicial action. For example, the Ocean County Assignment Judge could order the Ocean County Prosecutor, who was abusing his prosecutorial discretion, to present evidence to a grand jury.

An Ocean County Assignment Judge who was abusing his judicial discretion could be ordered by a higher court (the Appellate Division) to order the Ocean County Prosecutor to act. I requested that the Appellate Division order Serpentelli to mandate the presentation of evidence to an Ocean County grand jury; my request was corruptly distorted by both the Appellate Division and by Serpentelli.
Serpentelli truthfully but unnecessarily and deceivingly stated that criminal prosecutions are not conducted by judges(click to see Serpentelli's letter); of course criminal prosecutions are not conducted by judges, but Appellate Division judges can order county Assignment judges to, in turn, order county prosecutors to present credible evidence of a crime to a grand jury.

I know that Serpentelli, like Oles, is a brazen liar and was a corrupt judge; chillingly but not surprisingly he was a candidate for nomination to the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

And I know that Kelaher, who is presently mayor of Toms River (Ocean County seat), was a corrupt prosecutor who covered up evidence of a crime committed by a connected party.

And I know that Serpentelli, Oles, and Kelaher were part of a corrupt political machine in a state that is reputed to have one of the most corrupt governments in the country.

The reader is left to make his conclusion regarding the corruption of Serpentelli, Oles, and Kelaher. The reader is asked to imagine a scenario in which he is the victim of a crime that is demonstrated by undeniable evidence, but a scenario in which the perpetrator is politically connected and is protected from prosecution by both the local prosecutor and by the judiciary.
In my case my identity was stolen and used to falsely implicate me in narcotic theft in an attempt to destroy my career, however it is not inconceivable that corrupt judges and prosecutors have protected connected interests in New Jersey regarding crimes more serious. 
Sertpentelli is now retired, and like Oles is enjoying a generous retirement package courtesy of the New Jersey taxpayers.

Presumably readers of this page recognize that Serpentelli, like Oles, is a liar and was a corrupt judge who sold civil and criminal law.

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