February 2020

This web site illustrates the near complete corruption of the judiciary from the municipal level up to one level below the nation's highest court

reviewed below is evidence in hand that guarantees indictment and conviction of no less than 15 and perhaps as many as 21 judges on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals who deliberately violated criminal law in the process of covering up a failed attempt to imprison a whistle blower who refused to stop his efforts to draw attention to demonstrable brazen judicial corruption in New Jersey.....

that extended from the municipal level to the New Jersey Supreme Court  

one of the 15 judges referenced above is potential nominee to the United States Supreme Court Thomas Hardiman


I refused to stop calling attention to the pervasive judicial corruption that I experienced during the process of winning a whistle blowing trial against NJ's largest health care system

I represented myself regarding my whistle blowing litigation, I am not a lawyer

I called attention to the corruption by displaying a sign that was attached to my truck that was legally parked in front of my home  

my home was prominently situated along 
the main road that ran through my lifelong hometown

the demonstrable judicial corruption that I encountered was covered up
by every conceivable oversight
entity and media representative to
whom I provided overwhelming
evidence, hence my truck-mounted sign

local authorities repeatedly attempted to force me to stop the aforementioned truck display......

and arranged the suspension of my driver's license when I refused to stop the display

the suspension of my license represented retaliation for my refusal to stop the display on my truck that was legally parked in front of my home......

the suspension was a violation of 18 USC section 242.....

under color of law a municipal judge punished me for exercising freedom of speech that called attention to judicial corruption in New Jersey

six months prior to the unlawful suspension of my license a municipal judge had brazenly and corruptly ruled that I had no right to display my sign on my truck without permission.....

permission that never would have been given....

my home was not under the control of a Home Owner's Association that could legitimately prohibit my signs

I was fined for displaying the sign and was ordered to stop my display.......

of course I knew that the ruling by a municipal judge in my case would have been upheld by every state and federal court to whom I appealed.....

I ignored the  ruling by the corrupt municipal judge who denied my freedom of speech, and I continued to display my signs on my truck that was parked in front of my home, and this resulted in the suspension of my driver's license

on the day following the unlawful suspension of my driver's license two local policemen from my lifelong hometown, who knew my work schedule, were lying in wait to arrest me while I was en route to my place of employment where I worked as an RN.....

this was my second lifetime arrest....

my first lifetime arrest occurred six months before the second....

both arrests occurred at 1030 PM while I was en route to my place of employment....

both arrests were made by the same policeman...

both arrests were due to my refusal to stop the display of my signs on my truck  

 at the time of my second arrest two local policemen perjured alleged 2nd degree eluding against me that resulted in my arrest pending payment of $50,000 bail....

I paid a non-returnable $5000 to a bondsman for my release from jail.......

anyone who has been in jail will understand my extreme desire for release 

2nd degree eluding is associated with a 7-10 year imprisonment if proven

prior to the eventual criminal trial I was offered and encouraged to accept a 7 year imprisonment if I pleaded guilty to the alleged 2nd degree eluding

I was assured a 10 year imprisonment if a jury found me guilty of 2nd degree eluding 

at a criminal trial I represented myself, and a jury acquitted me of 2nd degree eluding despite the sworn testimony of two local policemen

only my testimony countered the testimony of the two policemen

I presented to the jury evidence of police perjury regarding the alleged 2nd degree eluding

the evidence of police perjury regarding alleged 2nd degree eluding is had to be overwhelming in order for my testimony to be believed rather than the sworn testimony of two policemen.......

and it had to be overwhelming in order for two completely corrupt federal courts to cover up that evidence that is discussed below

it is noteworthy that several weeks before my scheduled criminal trial local authorities trumped up an excuse to arrest me for driving in violation of a judicial order (my license had officially been restored shortly before this sixth arrest that were all made by the police of my hometown).........

and this time my bail was set at a full cash $75,000, not 10% by a bondsman.....

clearly the trial judge and prosecutor were trying to keep me in jail until the trial that would have of course severely impacted my ability to prepare for the trial.....

after much difficulty I withdrew the $75,000 from my 401k plan (a retirement account) and repaid it over several years 

After the trial I filed litigation in federal court pursuant to 42 USC section 1983

in order to win a trial pursuant to section 1983 I only had to show retaliation under color of law that was linked to my exercise of free speech that in my case was the display of my truck-mounted sign.....

retaliation under color of law was manifested by overwhelming evidence of the perjured alleged 2nd degree eluding that was reinforced by jury acquittal of alleged 2nd degree eluding     
my driver's license was unlawfully suspended not because of a traffic violation but specifically because I resisted efforts to force me to stop the display on my truck that called attention to local judicial corruption

the alleged 2nd degree eluding was dated the day following the suspension of my driver's license therefore the link between police retaliation and my refusal to stop my efforts to call attention to local judicial corruption is obvious

the alleged 2nd degree eluding, evidence of police perjury that is associated with alleged 2nd degree eluding, and jury acquittal of alleged 2nd degree eluding were major and relevant elements of my litigation that guaranteed my trial win if allowed to be presented to a jury.....

I emphasized those major elements repeatedly in my brief to the New Jersey District Court....

however the federal New Jersey District Court dismissed my litigation and submitted a written opinion in support of the dismissal that was characterized by malicious lies, distortions of fact, and omission of relevant facts that were favorable to me

this corrupt federal judicial opinion was exactly the same ploy that was used by a state pre-trial judge in my whistle blowing litigation....

a pre-trial state judge dismissed my whistle blowing litigation while covering up overwhelming evidence that later enabled me to win a trial on my first time out before a jury while fighting both the powerful legal team  of New Jersey's largest health care system and a trial judge who demonstrably attempted to sabotage my case in front of the jury.....and who also made sure that I received no remedies despite my trial win and despite the well-known remedial intent of the whistle blowing law 

the omissions by the New Jersey federal court included the complete cover up of alleged 2nd degree eluding, cover up of evidence of police perjury that is associated with alleged 2nd degree eluding, and cover up of jury acquittal of alleged 2nd degree eluding

although malicious and deliberate the omissions by the New Jersey federal court were so called reversible errors since they would result in my trial win

an appellate court like the 3rd Circuit Court exists primarily to address reversible errors  

appellate courts are required to address claimed reversible errors and either refute them based upon law or precedent, or validate them and return a case to a lower court either for trial or for further pre-trial proceedings


upon appeal to the 3rd Circuit Court the three judge panel also covered up reversible errors regarding the alleged 2nd degree eluding and its associations that if presented to a jury guaranteed my trial win....these reversible errors were covered up obviously because they could not be refuted based upon law or precedent

although the evidence directly demonstrated criminal wrong doing by police it indirectly and undeniably lead to demonstrable judicial corruption in New Jersey  

the 3rd Circuit Court panel also submitted a written opinion in support of the dismissal of my litigation, and like the New Jersey federal court its written opinion is also characterized by malicious lies, distortions, and omissions of relevant facts that were favorable to me


the three-judge panel included Maryanne Trump-Barry who is the sister of President Trump 

I then submitted a request to the 3rd Circuit Court for an appeal to all 21 judges at that court

this is known as an en banc hearing

I addressed and individually mailed a brief to each judge at the 3rd Circuit Court in support of my request for an en banc hearing, and I repeatedly referenced the cover up by the appellate panel of alleged 2nd degree eluding and its associations that if presented to a jury guaranteed my trial win 

my request was denied without explanation by 15 judges at the 3rd Circuit Court who were listed on the official denial document, and one of those judges was potential nominee to the United States Supreme Court Thomas Hardiman   

a vote by the 15 judges regarding my request for an en banc hearing was a not a vote on a legal issue but was rather a vote to perpetrate a crime  therefore Hardiman's mere participation in that vote exposes his criminal culpability

Hardiman deliberately violated criminal law while knowing that in doing so he was hurting the innocent and protecting the guilty

This web site illustrates that judges will lie, will cover up relevant evidence, and will ignore a well known legislative intent of some cases upon command from a political boss, and in other cases to cover up criminal wrong doing by subordinate judges.   

a review of the FBI web site regarding color of law violation will confirm that judges are specifically mentioned as being liable for prosecution regarding the violation of 18 USC section 242

 I provided comprehensive evidence packages to both the FBI and to Department of Justice offices in Newark, Philadelphia and Washington....

I provided those evidence packages during both the Obama and Trump administrations.....

yet all those offices stonewalled me despite my repeated written requests for a response.....

because my written requests were ignored I traveled to Newark where I spoke for ten minutes to an FBI agent through an outside  security fence......

I was denied a sit-down request in order to review the evidence that I had in hand that guaranteed conviction of multiple federal judges for the violation of 18 USC section 242......

the Newark FBI agent told me that the provided evidence would be reviewed and that I would be contacted at a later time......after one year I have received no response from the Newark FBI

I also met with an FBI agent in Philadelphia who grudgingly agreed to listen to my review of the evidence.....he cut me off after several minutes of my review and told me that prosecution of federal judges is not likely, and that my potential imprisonment for ten years was unlikely.....he told me that an imprisonment of 3-5 years was more likely as if that mitigated judicial wrong doing and police perjury

it is often stated by conservative news personalities that the well-known corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is limited to a handful of high-level leaders who are based in Washington.....

but this statement is either knowingly false or it betrays ignorance, because my case exposes the corruption of support personnel in Trenton, Newark, Red Bank (a local FBI branch in NJ), Philadelphia, and Washington who repeatedly stonewalled me regarding my quest to hold judge-criminals accountable    

the statute of limitations expires in March 2021 regarding the demonstrable violation of criminal law by 3rd Circuit judges

I presented evidence packages and repeated written requests for a response to both United States House of Representatives and Senate oversight subcommittees, but in all cases I was stonewalled......

I made four trips to Washington at great expense of time and money in order to visit the Congressional oversight offices of Cruz, Graham, Booker, Grassley, Poe, Gohmert, Gowdy, Jordan, and Sensenbrenner but I was repeatedly stonewalled and deceived by Congressional staffs and in one case by Senator Cruz's chief of staff Prerak Shah to whom I personally spoke.....he sent me on a wild goose chase and falsely informed me that Cruz was not a member of an oversight subcommittee of the DOJ.....I had evidence of DOJ corruption regarding its protection of federal judge-criminals  


The evidence packages demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal violation of federal law (18 USC section 242) by federal judges  who maliciously and criminally denied my qualified right to present the facts of my case to a jury

not only did the malicious actions taken against me by the local police result in significant monetary losses but those actions were life-altering 

I wanted local authorities to be judged by a civil jury, because the New Jersey state government covered up their wrong doing  that could be addressed in a criminal court....

not only did the federal executive
and legislative branches cover up
federal judicial criminal wrong doing,
but state judicial and police criminal
wrong doing were also covered up
by the New Jersey Attorney General
and by the Public Corruption Unit
of the New Jersey State Police ........

both of those state entities stonewalled my repeated written requests for a response to comprehensive evidence packages that I submitted to them

evidence already exists without further investigation that can guarantee indictments and convictions of multiple federal judges because of their malicious denial of my right that is guaranteed by 42 USC section 1983

The United States Supreme Court opined regarding 42 USC section 1983 (Monroe v. Pape , 365 U.S. 167 (1961) ) that .....

"(b) One of the purposes of this legislation was to afford a right in federal court because, by reason of prejudice, passion, neglect, intolerance, or otherwise, state laws might not be enforced and the claims of citizens to the enjoyment of rights, privileges and immunities  guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment might be denied by state agencies"       

18 USC section 242 makes it a crime to deprive "any person in any state" of any "rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States"

pursuant to 18 USC section 242 there are (4) legal elements required to indict (and later convict) federal judges in this case two of which are mere formalities....namely (1) that I was a citizen of a state and that (2) the judges were acting in their official capacity when they denied a right to me that was guaranteed by the laws or Constitution of the United States....

the third element for indictment (and later  conviction) requires the demonstration that federal judges denied to me a right that is guaranteed by 42 USC section 1983....if a grand jury decides that my trial win was likely based upon completely covered up evidence then this element for indictment is satisfied....

a grand jury merely needs to review my briefs to the  New Jersey District Court and to the 3rd Circuit Court in which I repeatedly reference alleged 2nd degree eluding, evidence of police perjury that is associated with alleged 2nd degree eluding, and jury acquittal of alleged 2nd degree eluding....

and compare my briefs to the written opinions of two federal courts that make no mention whatsoever of alleged 2nd degree eluding and its associations....

the grand jury will also see that the 3rd Circuit Court lied in its written opinion that my arrest at the time of the alleged 2nd degree eluding was because my driver's license had been suspended (the opinion made no mention of alleged 2nd degree eluding)......

in fact the police report associated with the alleged 2nd degree eluding (provided to the two federal courts) specifically stated that my arrest was solely due to the alleged 2nd degree eluding.....

and the police report covered up the suspension of my driver's license yet the two policemen were demonstrably lying in wait to arrest me for driving while suspended.....

the police covered up the suspension of my license but trumped up 18 moving violations at the time of the alleged 2nd degree eluding, all false, that included six instances of failing to properly signal....

the jury was not allowed to decide my guilt regarding the trumped up moving violations that were all denied by me....and the trial judge disregarded the clear perjury of the policemen and ruled my guilt regarding those violations

my driving record from the Motor Vehicle Commission showed three moving violations in my 40 year driving history the last of which occurred 24 years prior to the alleged 2nd degree eluding.....the trial judge would not allow that driving history to be shown to the jury

I provided to two federal courts evidence from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that my license was suspended on the day prior to the alleged 2nd degree eluding 

the fourth and final element for indictment (and later conviction) requires the demonstration that the federal judges acted willfully....the review by a grand jury of my brief in support of my request for an en banc hearing that was denied without explanation by fifteen judges at the 3rd Circuit Court satisfies this last element....

recall that my brief for an en banc hearing repeatedly cited the cover up by a three judge appellate panel of alleged 2nd degree eluding and its associations that if presented to a civil jury guaranteed my trial win in a 1983 action

there can be no credible excuse that the fifteen judges at the 3rd Circuit Court were unaware that evidence was covered up that guaranteed my trial win pursuant to 42 USC section 1983


I also provided on three occasions comprehensive evidence packages to Washington based Judicial Watch that claims to be a monitor of governmental corruption

however Judicial Watch also ignored my multiple requests to validate the evidence of judicial corruption and to subsequently expose the protection afforded to judge-criminals by the Department of Justice

I sent repeated letters requesting a response to the head of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton and to the director of investigations Chris Farrell.... response was forthcoming 

after making a futile fifth trip to Washington to visit the office of Judicial Watch, where I was again stonewalled,  I was finally contacted by Judicial Watch lawyer Geoff Lyons who "educated" me during a curt telephone call that judges can legally ignore relevant evidence even though such evidence can readily be recognized by a jury that can result in a guaranteed trial win

the claim by the Judicial Watch lawyer that judges can legally ignore relevant facts that can result in a trial win is of course a brazen lie
and was an attempt to deceive me

and the Judicial Watch lawyer next irrelevantly admonished me for representing myself as if the cover up of evidence was legitimate as long as I was not a lawyer 

I presented beyond question to federal judges all the evidence necessary to present and win my case before a jury, and my not being a lawyer was absolutely irrelevant 

despite my willingness to pay I could not retain a lawyer regarding this matter that involves judicial corruption....this is why I had to represent myself  

the cover up of evidence by two federal courts that guaranteed my trial win was not a matter for appeal to the US Supreme Court......

the cover up of evidence by two federal courts was not a legal issue that required resolution by the US Supreme Court....

 but the cover up of evidence was rather a criminal matter for consideration by a grand jury, nevertheless the lawyer from Judicial Watch attempted to deceive me by stating that I failed to appeal to the United States Supreme Court 

The lawyer from Judicial Watch told me that his superiors were aware of this matter but declined to use their well-known pulpit in order to expose the egregious judicial corruption in this case that involves an attempt to imprison a citizen demonstrably because he called attention to public corruption, hence his deceiving and irrelevant comments......

"you should have hired a lawyer"

"judges can ignore trial-winning evidence"

"you should have appealed to the United States Supreme Court"

Judicial Watch is a demonstrable fraud regarding its mission statement claim of holding judges accountable......despite its high profile Freedom of Information lawsuits....

I know as a matter of fact that corruption in the United States extends well beyond Judicial Watch's well publicized targets such as Hillary Clinton and Washington-based Department of Justice and FBI officials 

The Beginning

This web site also demonstrates the complete and organized corruption of New Jersey state government that extends from the governor's office and the state supreme court to a small-town council; it is a story supported by provided facts that will never appear in New Jersey newspapers. 

The following story demonstrates not only the complete corruption of New Jersey state courts, but it also demonstrates the blatant violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution regarding free speech.....

and it also demonstrates the frightening violation of the Fourth Amendment that protects citizens from unwarranted arrest. 

The New Jersey state government's complete departure from its constitution is demonstrated; that constitution, modeled after the federal constitution, was designed so that the three branches of government were separated in order to provide checks on each other when abuses of power presented.... 

however, it is not an exaggeration to state that New Jersey government is controlled by a handful of political bosses who in turn control all three branches.

For those who do not care to verify libelous accusations the soon to follow ten statements are provable beyond a reasonable doubt. 

For those who require proof regarding libelous accusations detailed evidence is provided, however the time required for the examination of the evidence is more than a few hours. 

The home page that you are reading will require about fifteen minutes to complete and presumably provides an adequate summary of what is likely a commonplace but nevertheless serious example of organized governmental corruption.   

Perhaps it can be reasoned by most visitors that the following ten libelous accusations are indeed provable; presumably defamation litigation would result from egregious but unfounded accusations....

but no such defamation litigation has occurred.  
Evidence of public corruption is not erased when a new governor takes the oath of office, nor can the stonewalling and/or cover up of that evidence by a corrupt government (until a statute of limitation occurs) result in its being erased. 

1. The Saint Barnabas Health Care System is New Jersey's largest health care system, and it criminally retaliated against a whistle blowing RN by staging a morphine theft that was attributed to the RN.

2. The whistle blowing RN fought back and eventually won a six-day trial against the Saint Barnabas Health Care System after winning the reversal of a judicial decision that dismissed the whistle blower's litigation for being completely without merit.  

But even though the whistle blower won at trial a completely corrupt New Jersey judiciary ensured the career destruction of the RN who suffered ruinous losses as a result of his conscientious action. 

3. Even though the RN won at trial the New Jersey judiciary protected the Saint Barnabas Health Care System from being held accountable for the violation of both civil and criminal law. 

4. As US Attorney for New Jersey Christopher Christie covered up egregious public corruption.....,

and as New Jersey governor he continued to protect that corruption.   

5. Ocean County (New Jersey) state representatives David Wolfe, James Holzapfel, and  Andrew Ciesla* protect a demonstrably corrupt Ocean County judiciary regarding the sale of criminal and civil law.

*Andrew Ciesla did not run for re-election in 2011, and will presumably eventually collect a generous pension and health benefits as a result of his tenure. 
6. The New Jersey oversight entity for the state's judiciary covers up evidence of the judiciary's corruption. 

7. The media in New Jersey conceals from the public evidence of organized governmental corruption; indeed, a completely corrupt government could not exist without the aid of a corrupt media. 

8. The media in New Jersey conceals from the public criminal and civil wrong doing  by the Saint Barnabas Health Care System.
9. The whistle blowing RN's effort to expose organized governmental corruption in New Jersey was threatened by a local governmental attempt to suppress First Amendment constitutional rights regarding freedom of speech....
this attempt was aided by the local police who eventually arrested the RN, refused to give the reason for the arrest, handcuffed him to a metal bench in a cold room within the police station continuously for more than four hours, and then transferred him in handcuffs to a lock down psychiatric unit for an evaluation;

many visitors will recognize the reputed Soviet-era ploy of confining political dissidents to insane asylums,

and a few visitors will recognize the brazen violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution that protects citizens from arrest without probable cause.


10. The American Nurses Association and the New Jersey State Nurses Association concealed from its members the presumably rare story of a trial win by a whistle blowing RN who represented himself against New Jersey's largest health care system.      
The following presentation on this page and on subsequent pages is for those who require proof regarding egregious allegations.

Unsupported allegations are meaningless, therefore every claim made throughout this web site regarding criminal retaliation, judicial corruption, and the cover up of judicial corruption is supported by tangible, unambiguous, and irrefutable evidence that is provided herein.

This web site demonstrates not only the cover up by the New Jersey Supreme Court of undeniable judicial corruption of subordinate courts, but it also demonstrates that the New Jersey Supreme Court blatantly disregarded its own precedent position regarding the whistle blowing law, and that it condoned the sale of both civil and criminal law to a politically connected interest.

The tangible evidence of governmental corruption presented in this web site will instill fear of the legal system into all (who are politically unconnected) who examine it.

To paraphrase the slogan of a popular television cable news network, I provide the facts, you decide. However, the evidence of corruption is detailed, and an understanding of that evidence requires both reason and thoughtful consideration of the arguments that are presented.

Frank Buczynski, who lives in Forked River, New Jersey (see photo above) was the corrupt trial judge who used my technical trial error as an excuse to defeat the primary intent of the whistle blowing law that is also known as CEPA.    

It is well known
 that the legislative intent of the whistle blowing law is to ensure the award of remedies to a whistle blower who wins at trial; Buczynski made sure that I received no remedies even though I won at trial.

Remedies refer to the reinstatement of employment after a whistle blower has been wrongly terminated, to the return of lost wages, to the return of legal fees that were incurred as a result of fighting the illegal actions of an employer, and to the assessment of damages regarding the violation of civil and/or criminal law.

A New Jersey Supreme Court opinion stated that:

"CEPA is remedial social legislation designed to promote two complementary public purposes: to protect and thereby encourage employees to report illegal or unethical workplace activities…

our goal in the interpretation of a statute is always to determine the legislature’s intent…
a single guiding principle has instructed our interpretation of CEPA in the decades since its enactment. As broad, remedial legislation the statute must be construed liberally".

The above quote by the New Jersey Supreme Court acknowledges that the legislative intent of the whistle blowing law is to protect and encourage employees.....
however, my case illustrates the nightmare of judicial corruption that a whistle blower will face if he suffers employer retaliation and attempts to seek the protection of the law. 

My case illustrates that whistle blowers are not protected by the law.

The complete denial of remedies to a trial-winning whistle blower is inconsistent with a supreme court directive that legislative intent be honored...

and it is inconsistent with the directive that the whistle blowing law be considered remedial legislation. 
A recent appointee to the United States Supreme Court stated the well-known task of a judge:

"the task of a judge is not to make law, it is to apply the law".

 Of course the New Jersey Supreme Court disregarded the application of law in my case because the employer who violated criminal law while in the act of violating the whistle blowing law represented the state's largest health care system.


An unfounded and easily disproven allegation of corruption against a judge would presumably result in defamation litigation by that judge against the person who made the allegation.

 Also presumably, a well-supported allegation of egregious corruption against a judge would necessarily result in disciplinary action against that judge.

Accordingly, only in a completely corrupt state could a citizen prominently accuse of corruption not only a local superior court judge but also the state's chief justice and subsequently precipitate no reaction.

Attempt to suppress freedom of speech

This web site demonstrates the attempt by the town in which I live, Seaside Park, to deny my First Amendment rights regarding my effort to disseminate evidence of high-level New Jersey state governmental corruption.

Pervasive New Jersey governmental corruption is sure to continue when efforts to expose corruption are frustrated rather than applauded. 
Prior to displaying the truck-mounted billboard (shown above) I obtained the authorization for the display by the local code enforcement officer, by the local police department, and by the New Jersey State Police.  

I also submitted an inquiry to the New Jersey Attorney General's office regarding my plan to display a mobile billboard, and that inquiry was forwarded to the Motor Vehicle Commission; I was subsequently informed that the display of a mobile billboard was part of my First Amendment rights    

(click to see a complete photocopy of the letter from the MVC that confirms my First Amendment rights, then click the Back button/left-pointing arrow in the upper left screen to return)  

Informed New Jersey citizens are presumably aware that the New Jersey Attorney General (NJAG) enables corruption; those who click to see the complete copy of the letter from the MVC (above) will see that I stated my intention to display a banner urging the support for those who are serving in the United States military; I was not going to inform the NJAG that I intended to disseminate evidence of high level state corruption.

There is no difference as far as the First Amendment is concerned between a banner that urges the support for troops and a banner that announces evidence of governmental corruption.   

First Amendment rights verified by the MVC (that was tasked to make that determination by the NJAG) are not relinquished upon entering any city or town in the United States.
After displaying the truck-mounted billboard for more than a year while parked in front of my residence I was abruptly threatened with the issuing of a summons that could result in a $1000 fine and/or 90 days in jail; I was informed that l would receive those penalties if I continue to park my truck (with attached billboard) on a public street or drive it on a public right of way.

The trumped-up excuse for the abrupt threat is specified by municipal Code 25-624E...    

(click to see the complete violation notice, then click the Back button located in the upper left hand corner of the screen to return)
Those who view the violation notice mentioned above will understand that Code 25-624E refers to the erection of signs on public property known as limited public forums, for example on the lawn in front of the town hall, or to the posting of signs in the municipal headquarters, and does not refer to vehicular commercial or non-commercial signs. 

Code 25-624E certainly cannot legitimately refer to vehicle-mounted billboards that expose governmental corruption.

The perverse interpretation of Code 25-624E effectively restricts protest signs to private property which, as any reasonably informed citizen knows, is blatantly unconstitutional. 
No town in the United States can pass an ordinance or create a code that takes away a right that is outlined in the Bill of Rights. 

Indeed, a United States Supreme Court justice stated that regarding freedom of speech ......

"streets and parks....have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public, ......

such use of the streets and public places has...been a part of the priviledges, immunities, rights and liberties of citizens." Hague v. CIO, 307 U.S. at 515 (1939).  

The United States Supreme Court held in 1939 that parks, sidewalks, and public streets have always been recognized as legitimate forums for public communication......


corrupt town officials working with corrupt municipal judges can take away constitutional rights when they are aided by a completely corrupt state government that is shielded from the public by a corrupt media.

The initial threat of a summons occurred in June 2010; one year later I received the first of four successive summonses for displaying a sign without permission.

I informed the Seaside Park municipal judge that he would have to issue a warrant for my arrest because I will never again voluntarily stand before a corrupt judge. 

After I ignored the fourth summons the Seaside Park municipal judge issued a warrant for my arrest, and required that I pay $1000 in order to stay out of jail. The judge suggested that I give myself up at the local police department as if I was a public enemy. 

About a month after the latest threat from the municipal judge I was arrested by several officers of the Seaside Park Police who were lying in wait for me; the time was shortly before 11PM, and I was on my way to work at a nearby nursing home. 

The arresting officer might have said regarding my arrest "my hands are tied", or "I'm only following orders"; that excuse didn't work for post-war Germans who claimed that they were only following orders given by criminal Nazis, nor does it work for Soprano State (New Jersey) policemen who knowingly obey arrest warrants issued by demonstrably corrupt judges who are appointed and controlled by political bosses.

Six months prior to my arrest the banner shown in the above photo was prominently displayed in Seaside Park for many weeks; what was it about the demonstrable corruption that is illustrated by this web site that the Seaside Park police did not understand?

In this instance the police exposed themselves to be willing participants in obvious harassment of an individual who was peacefully and lawfully exposing public corruption.....

in the same way that corrupt judges expose themselves by transparently lying, perverting the intent of law, or transparently ignoring the law (upon orders from a political boss) in order to retain their judicial jobs.

No reasonably informed citizen of the United States can claim to be unaware of the constitution's provision for freedom of speech and where it can unquestionably be practiced ....

and the Seaside Park Police cannot credibly claim to be unaware that  my freedom of speech was being suppressed.

I paid $500 in order to avoid prolonged incarceration. 
The corrupt Seaside Park municipal judge threatened to arrange the revocation of my driver's license if I failed to appear in court after I posted bail, and I would lose $500 that was taken away from me by polite thugs with badges who were knowingly in the service of a corrupt judge. 

One day before my scheduled court appearance in Seaside Park Municipal Court, and one day after I displayed the above banner regarding police-aided harassment, I received in the mail an obviously hastily-prepared notice that my case has been moved to a court in another county  (Monmouth Beach in Monmouth County) as if that move ensured a fair hearing before an honest judge. 

As expected, my hearing in front of a judge in the neighboring county was marked by:

 -the perversion of the code that I had allegedly violated regarding the banner attached to my truck,

-a twisting of facts and of definitions in order to fit an
 obviously pre-determined ruling, 

-and an attempt to prevent me from exercising free speech......

that attempt is a federal offense known as

acting under the color of law

in order  to prevent a citizen from
 exercising a constitutional right
(Title 18 U.S.C., section 242)    


As a victim of color of law abuse ...

I ignored the ruling of a corrupt judge who attempted to deny a constitutional right, .....

and I resumed parking along State Route #35 in front of my residence where other cars legally park.

Several months after my appearance in front of the aforementioned judge, and two months after I resumed parking in front of my residence the second cycle of summonses began.

I received the first of four second-cycle summonses for my failure to obtain a permit (for sign placement) from the corrupt Seaside Park council.....

But, color of law abuse victims are not required to defend themselves in court.....

nevertheless the Seaside Park Municipal Court eventually ordered the suspension of my driver's license (a federal offense, Title 18 U.S.C. , section 242) on.... 

31 August 2012

 An obviously planned second arrest occurred, like my first arrest, on a Saturday night shortly before 11 PM when a cash bail is presumed to be more difficult....

and the arrest occurred on the day following my license suspension, 1 September 2012.  

The arrest was clearly planned so that my harassment was maximized.

The Seaside Park Police were lying in wait for me at the time that they knew that I would be driving to work...........

and they waited until I was about a half mile from my house before they attempted to stop my truck.....

like my first arrest in January 2012 the police, in order to maximize harassment, waited to arrest me until I was en route to work.

This time however I recognized that the police were willing participants in political harassment and the suppression of freedom of speech, and I slowly returned  to my house where I parked while police lights flashed and sirens screamed from multiple police cars.....

I did not want to leave my truck on the side of the road a half mile from my home.

Two Seaside Park policemen fabricated a story that I created a risk of death to several groups of pedestrians who just narrowly missed being struck by my supposedly fleeing/eluding/evading truck that was traveling at no more than 25 MPH..... 

the policemen officially claimed that I was  speeding at 30 MPH in a 25 MPH zone......

one of these fictitious pedestrians was entering a crosswalk at night pushing a baby stroller immediately in front of a police car with its siren screaming and lights flashing....

all of the fictitious pedestrians according to the police entered crosswalks immediately in front of an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing and siren screaming.  

I was very aware that my actions were closely watched by  the policemen during the half mile journey home, therefore I carefully adhered to stop signs and the speed limit...

nevertheless the police charged me with 18 moving violations all of which were trumped up.....

however, the charges did not include driving while suspended because my case was now going to be presented to a grand jury that might question the reason for my license suspension....the police knew that their planned arrest was unlawful, therefore they concealed from their associated report that my driver license was suspended at the time.   

Had I not taken deliberate action to ensure my arrest for an offense that carries a possible minimum jail term of a year my case would have remained under the control of the corrupt judge who unlawfully suspended my driver's license....

but now I could present my case and evidence of local corruption not only to a local jury but hopefully eventually to a federal jury.  
I was charged with attempting to flee/evade/elude in a truck with a large billboard attached to it while speeding at 30 MPH, and my bail was set at $50,000 cash ....

on the basis of my so-called creation of a risk of death or injury to others.....

 while traveling at 25 MPH and obeying all stop signs and other traffic laws.......

this meant that I would be in the Ocean County Jail unless someone posted $50,000 in cash. 

I spent one night in the Ocean County Jail before I could arrange bail with a bondsman....

to whom I lost $5000 that will not be returned to me. 

   The judge who ordered my $50,000 bail was clearly
attempting to make sure that I remained in jail, 
and the policemen who maliciously fabricated a
 completely false report regarding the incident did
 so in order to imprison me for a period of
 up to potentially ten years,

and in the process confirmed the corruption
 of the Seaside Park police.  

And although my truck was legally parked in front of my house the Seaside Park Police towed and impounded it. 

I represented myself at a criminal trial in June 2014....

I was charged with second degree eluding, specifically that I nearly killed or injured pedestrians during my slow speed return to my home a half mile away from the point where two corrupt Seaside Park policemen attempted to harass me under the color of law specifically because of my effort to draw attention to public corruption....

it was my word against the word of two policemen....

luckily for me the policemen's story was too fantastic to believe, and a jury at a criminal trial rejected their story.

No reasonable person could have believed the policemen's fantastic story that I nearly killed or injured pedestrians who stepped in front of an emergency vehicle that was nearly upon them....

and the Ocean County assistant prosecutor E. Chowdry demonstrated his corruption by presenting obviously perjured testimony to the jury.

But one wonders how a fair trial could have been conducted within a demonstrably and completely  corrupt judicial system that in turn is part of a completely corrupt New Jersey state government. 

Indeed, the legal elements of third degree eluding of which I was convicted do not consider associated wrong doing by the police, demonstrable corruption by local judges, and by demonstrably corrupt local governments......

these three considerations are known as mitigating factors that should have precluded the filing of charges against me, and when those charges were filed they should have precluded a trial against me. .....

the trial judge at the Ocean County Superior Court, Wendel Daniels, exposed his corruption by his disregard of these mitigating factors.


The two policemen on 1 September were lying in wait for me and were demonstrably planning to violate federal law,

but their demonstrable wrong doing was irrelevant to the legal elements of third degree eluding.....

because of my admitted refusal to immediately stop, even though I clearly made no attempt to avoid arrest, I was guilty of third degree eluding.

Arguably, the eluding law intent did not apply to situations involving police wrong doing....

but in consideration of  the prosecutor's demonstrable corruption, and in consideration that the trial judge was arguably part of the same organized corruption that I had been targeting,

the intent of the eluding law was ignored.

I was found guilty of third degree eluding based upon my testimony that I did not immediately stop on 1 September even though I knew that I had received a signal to stop from a Seaside Park police car.        


One day after my release from the Ocean County Jail after paying a bondsman a non-returnable $5000 in order to satisfy the $50,000 bail requirement I was again arrested by the Seaside Park police, and handcuffed to a metal bench for 4 hours and 30 minutes in a well-chilled room....

I was dressed in a light tank top and shorts. 

One hour prior to the arrest I hand delivered a letter addressed to the Seaside Park Chief of Police....
this letter was copied to the Seaside Park Council, the New Jersey State Police, and the Ocean County Prosecutor.... 

in the letter I informed the Chief of Police that it was my intention to defame him by exposing his cooperation with Ocean County organized corruption regarding his aid to suppress free speech that exposes that corruption.  

The four hours on that bench, while shivering because of the cold, was an ordeal that I suspect most people my age (57 at the time) could not endure. 

I repeatedly asked why I was being
held, and received no reply.   

I repeatedly asked to make my one
 telephone call to which
I thought
 that I was entitled, and I was ignored. 

After four hours handcuffed to the metal bench I was approached by a woman who identified herself as a mobile psychiatric screener who, after a few questions and comments, told me that I was being sent to a lock down psychiatric unit of a nearby hospital Community Medical Center ......

whose agents staged the morphine theft that started my quest to call attention to the pervasive corruption of New Jersey government.

Despite my pleas no one gave me a reason for my being transferred for further psychiatric evaluation......

I remained handcuffed while the
 Seaside Park police transferred me to the
lock down psychiatric unit.   

The arrest on 4 September 2012 can be proven beyond a
 reasonable doubt to be a violation of a federal law 42 USC section 1983 , and was demonstrable retaliation by the police .......

 and the arresting policeman reinforced his guilt when he fabricated a story designed to confine
me to a psychiatric facility.   

Twenty four hours after my arrest I was released immediately after the psychiatric evaluation, but not before yet another day of my freedom was lost due to the actions of corrupt officials.
Two weeks after my overnight stay in the lock down unit I received from  Community Medical Center a bill for $7670.

I was snatched off a public street by so-called law enforcement officers, held without explanation under extremely uncomfortable conditions, and denied my supposed right to a telephone call. 
The circumstances of my latest adventure would seem to remind one of Soviet and Nazi Gestapo  tactics that were used to silence political dissidents. 

To date since 2012 I have been arrested seven times, incarcerated in the county jail five times, and survived an attempt to be confined to a psychiatric facility....

and were directly as a
 result of my refusal to give up my right
 of free speech regarding the banner
 attached to my truck.

The local chief of police was very aware
 that my free speech was maliciously denied
yet he allowed his officers to falsely arrest me.

Not only did the town of Seaside Park try to take away my freedom of speech on public streets regarding the banner that was attached to my truck, but it also tried to take away my right to exercise free speech on my own property 

I was warned by town officials to remove the banner in front of my house that is shown by the above photo...

or else I would receive another summons....  

the town claimed that I needed to get a permit for sign placement on my property, and that the sign had to conform to maximum size restrictions....

but existing town code forbids residential political signs exemplified by the above photo that defames the town's police chief.      

However in a landmark 1994 United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision regarding City of Ladue v. Gilleo it was ruled that towns cannot prohibit residential political signs.....

further, SCOTUS opined that "signs may take up space and obstruct views, distract motorists, displace alternative uses for land, and pose other problems that legitimately call for regulation"......  

but in the absence of safety hazards towns clearly cannot regulate residential signs especially when speech intended to expose public corruption is involved.


Christie's Corruption

Q: Who can protect the people from a completely corrupt judicial branch? 

A: The governor (via the state Attorney General)  can direct the prosecution of corrupt judges.

Provable Fact: Christie protects well-connected criminals. 

Provable Fact: Christie protects judges who are criminals.

Provable Fact: Christie ignores New Jersey's constitution and his clearly-defined executive role regarding checks and balances.

Yet Christie is New Jersey's poster boy for conservatism?

Clearly, Christie DOES NOT believe in honest government that the people can trust, and he is an opportunist who verbalizes conservative ideals for arguably immoral voters who overlook the inconsistency between his statements and his demonstrable corruption.  
The legislature can also impeach judges; but of course in the Soprano State the legislature is controlled by the same bosses who control the judiciary and the governor.  

Rational individuals will understand that the bosses do not exert control over the government for altruistic reasons but rather for reasons that are motivated by greed and a desire for power....

the same reasons that motivate their puppets who are repeatedly re-elected by an unbelievably ignorant and/or amoral electorate.  

Tangible evidence is presented in this web site that demonstrates New Jersey Governor Christie's servitude to a special interest that was manifested by his attempted cover up not only of egregious public corruption but also of violation of federal law.
Christie, New Jersey’s supposed champion corruption fighter and former United States Attorney for New Jersey, is in reality a demonstrable liar and a posturing phony regarding the fight against corruption. 

Christie protected the undeniable corruption in my case that exemplifies a significantly greater threat to New Jersey's citizens than any of his well-reported targets regarding his posturing fight against corruption.

There can be no credible argument against the premise that a corrupt judiciary is a significantly greater threat to the people than is a public official like a mayor, a lawmaker, or a building inspector who takes a bribe. 

There are few, if any,  greater examples of betrayal of trust than that of a corrupt judge who sells not only civil law but also criminal law.

Christie's betrayal of trust regarding his protection of organized governmental corruption is arguably more egregious than that of any of the targets  of his former federal office regarding public corruption.

Christie's turning a blind eye to the judicial sale of civil and criminal law, especially when the New Jersey Supreme Court condoned that sale, is not the practice of politics but is rather an act of blatant corruption in return for obvious political support regarding his bid to become New Jersey governor. 

While serving as a federal attorney for New Jersey Christie frequently and hypocritically condemned the betrayal of trust by convicted targets of his office regarding his posturing fight against corruption. 

Only the citizens of the most corrupt state in the nation could elect a corrupt candidate like Christie to be their governor; this occurred on 3 November 2009.

Without doubt there are New Jersey voters who were aware of Christie's corruption
yet voted for him nevertheless; the pervasive nature of these morally corrupt voters is is why New Jersey government is destined to remain completely corrupt. 


Christie has of course not targeted the organized corruption of New Jersey state government, but instead has not only protected it but has rewarded it via reappointment of knowingly corrupt judges an example of which is the reappointment of the chief justice of the state supreme court.      

The addressing of New Jersey's economic crisis (that was caused by both Democrats and Republicans) by Christie does not prevent him from ensuring that corrupt judges  are held accountable and removed from positions of trust, but he will take no action because of his own corruption.

There is a reason why I have not been the target of defamation litigation regarding my banners that proclaim the corruption of specific judges; those judges know that I can easily prove at a civil trial  their corruption to a jury. 

 The ease with which I can prove judicial corruption translates to a guaranteed conviction of those judges at a criminal trial....

but Christie will not fight organized corruption of which he is a part.     

Christie allows the corrupt judges who are exposed by this web site to remain in positions of trust, but he incredibly continues to posture regarding his desire to reform New Jersey government.

Christie will surely allow organized governmental corruption in New Jersey to continue and to flourish for the bosses' benefit; it is suggested that his effort to fix New Jersey's economic crisis is motivated solely by the bosses' desire to keep alive the goose that lays for them golden eggs.

         All except the corrupt, specifically corrupt political bosses and those who are protected by them, will suffer during Christie's term in office.


There is no difference between accepting a monetary bribe for fixing a court case......

and accepting from a political boss a judicial position (that is attached to a $170,000 annual salary plus lavish benefits) in return for an agreement to fix court cases upon command. 

Prior to winning at trial this case was dismissed/thrown out by a corrupt judge named Edward Oles who attempted to completely conceal evidence of criminal retaliation. 

At the time he dismissed the litigation Oles stated in writing that "there is absolutely" no evidence in my favor.

Judge Edward Oles is clearly a brazen liar. 

However, while representing myself after losing more than $50,000 to a succession* of disappointing lawyers two of whom told me that my case was weak, I not only won an appeal of Oles' dismissal but won a subsequent six-day jury trial. 

*The first of these four lawyers, Ben Zander, was recently disbarred by a hypocritical and corrupt New Jersey Supreme Court that sold criminal and civil law to the Saint Barnabas Health Care System; Zander had previously been convicted of a felony in federal court. 

Regarding the supposed weakness of my case it is not inconceivable that my lawyers were corrupted by my former employer that represents New Jersey's largest health care system.   

I won at trial while making my first appearance before a jury, while fighting a well-experienced trial lawyer, and while fighting a corrupt trial judge who demonstrably attempted to sabotage my case before the jury. 

The conditions under which I won at trial implies the strength of the evidence that Oles attempted to conceal when he dismissed this case for being supposedly completely without merit.
Although I won at trial a corrupt trial judge....

 ignored the unquestionable intent of the law,

ignored a sworn oath to apply the law,

and used my technical error as an excuse to completely deny to me compensation for my losses that included five years of lost wages and (at the time of trial) $50,000 lost to legal fees. 

I did everything relevant in order to win at trial....

mentioning the evidence of my losses was irrelevant to winning the trial, therefore I planned to show the jury that evidence during my closing argument.

The trial judge, Frank Buczynski, waited until moments after I rested my case to tell me that even if I won the trial I could not recover my losses nor could I obtain punitive damages as a result of the illegal and malicious actions taken against me. 

Buczynski knew of my losses as a result of a pretrial exchange of evidence a copy of which was given to him, and he refused my request to re-open my case for the only purpose of showing the jury the evidence of my significant losses.  

Buczynski also brazenly protected the Saint Barnabas Health Care System regarding its criminal retaliation.....

Buczynski contradicted the decision of a higher court (and disregarded the evidence at trial), and stated on record during trial in front of the jury that the issue regarding the morphine theft (criminal retaliation) was irrelevant, and he ensured that a jury did not address that issue: 

The above transcript shows that Buczynski was essentially instructing the lawyer for the Saint Barnabas Health Care System to make an objection to my line of damaging questioning about the morphine theft. 

Trial judges do not usually make objections.
My line of questioning was directed in this instance toward demonstrating to the jury that the Saint Barnabas Health Care System staged the morphine theft that was attributed to me; because of the strength of the evidence regarding the staging of the theft Buczynski claimed that the theft was irrelevant.

It is precisely because of the overwhelming strength of the evidence of the staging of morphine theft that every judge/justice who was associated with this case attempted to either negate the theft or cover it up; that evidence is provided in detail on subsequent pages of this web site. 

For example, the pre-trial Appellate Court judge who overturned Oles' dismissal of this case transparently avoided mention of the criminal set up for morphine theft that started this case;

the written argument that I submitted to the pre-trial Appellate Court mentioned twenty four times  my claim of criminal set up for morphine theft that was not only a sensational claim but was also a very relevant claim, yet.......

presumably an unfounded but sensational claim that was mentioned twenty four times would have at least been mentioned and refuted by the Appellate Court.
Buczynski did not want the Saint Barnabas Health Care System to be held liable for the violation of civil law let alone for the violation of criminal law; he was therefore attempting to remove criminal retaliation as an issue. 

Buczysnki's malicious motives are further illustrated by his post-verdict statement that the jury need not determine guilt regarding the staging of the morphine theft that precipitated this  litigation:

However, regarding Buczynski's lie that the morphine theft was irrelevant.....

The pre-trial Appellate Court that overturned Oles' dismissal of my case stated in its written opinion regarding the morphine theft:
"although plaintiff was originally suspended because he was suspected of morphine theft he was never asked to take a drug test".

The pre-trial Appellate Division court established the relevancy of the morphine theft when it stated in its written opinion that:

"the temporal proximity between his complaint to the State Board of Health in November 2000 and his suspension on January 8 2001 permits an inference of a causal connection."

The Appellate Division's reference to "causal connection" links my suspension to my complaint to the Board of Health; my suspension was therefore identified by the Appellate Division, perhaps unintentionally but nevertheless accurately, as the legal element

My suspension was therefore relevant to this case.

note: Retaliation is one of the legal elements that must be proven in order to win at trial; the term legal element is explained on a later page of this web site. 
I was suspended because I was suspected of morphine theft (see the above quote by the Appellate Division), therefore....
The morphine theft was relevant to my case.

Buczynski is clearly a malicious liar who remains on the bench because of a completely corrupt government.

And disregarding the pre-trial Appellate Division that opined in writing that a rational jury would conclude that my termination was unjustified, ......

and disregarding the jury's decision, ...
Buczynski stated on record that my termination was justified:  

Buczynski ensured that although winning at trial I maximally suffered for my act of looking out for others who could not look out for themselves, and he ensured that my former employer was protected regarding the violation of not only civil law but also criminal law.

Further unbelievable evidence of Buczynski's corruption is provided on the Introduction page and on the page titled Buczynski's corruption. Because the evidence is unbelievable photocopies are provided with detailed explanations.   

Pre-trial judge Oles tried to prevent my case from being presented to a jury. 

Trial judge Buczynski made sure that the at-hand evidence of my losses was not presented to the jury, and he made sure that the Saint Barnabas Health Care System could not be found guilty of criminal retaliation. 

Bribes paid with tax dollars

A judicial position and its associated perks is called a benefit, and the law allows the compensation for honest judicial performance. 

However, regarding the acceptance of a benefit there is no provision for occasional blatant judicial disregard of the law and of legislative intent, or for occasional gross judicial prejudice. 

Accordingly, any such malicious and deliberate judicial breach of trust cannot be lawfully compensated by a benefit. 

In other words, the law does not allow compensation for demonstrably corrupt judicial actions that are taken in order to  retain a benefit; accepting the aforementioned benefit in this case constitutes the acceptance of a bribe according to
N.J.S.A. 2C:27-2.

One would think that a judge would be penalized for corrupting the law. 

However in New Jersey a judge clearly reinforces his judicial position by corrupting the law upon command by a political boss who controls the continued employment of that judge.  


Regarding the above photo that shows a banner that defames a superior court judge, it is unbelievable that a community would remain indifferent to such a judge who remains in a position of trust and authority.... 

yet it is a measure of the community's morals, or rather lack thereof, that is exposed by that indifference that ultimately made possible my arrest for drawing attention to serious public corruption.

It would seem that the residents of Seaside Park are a microcosm of the state's macrocosm that is responsible for empowering what is likely the most corrupt state government in the nation. 

It would also seem that the residents of Seaside Park lack the morals that would otherwise enable them to understand that an individual victim of a corrupt government translates to their victimization; perhaps they think themselves invulnerable from becoming individual, isolated victims?   

Post-trial Appeal

I appealed the outcome of a trial that I won; presumably such appeals are not common; this was the second appeal in this case of Ocean County Superior Court actions.

However, the judge associated with my  second appeal was as brazenly and demonstrably corrupt as Oles and Buczynski.

That Appellate Division judge ignored the only two arguments of my appeal both of which were unquestionably grounds to grant me a new trial. 

And the written opinion of the Appellate Division regarding my second appeal is filled with prejudice, demonstrable lies, and half-truths.

Judges lie, ignore the law, and ignore the facts because THEY CAN in the presence of a completely corrupt government.
I was horrified at the blatant corruption of the Appellate Division judge; his corruption is unbelievable, therefore photocopies of the evidence and the associated explanations are provided on the page titled  7-Kestin's corruption.  

New Jersey Supreme Court Appeal

Although I was aware of the notorious reputation of the New Jersey Supreme Court, that was once referred to by a well known newspaper reporter as a "robed clan of clowns",  I filed yet another appeal.

I not only reminded the justices of their own position regarding the whistleblowing law but I provided the evidence of Oles', Buczynski's, and Kestin's corruption.

   Of course the justices not only disregarded established legislative intent and disregarded their own precedent position, but they claimed that evidence of judicial corruption was nonexistent. 

The justices also required that I pay $500 to the Saint Barnabas Health Care System for their administrative costs associated with fighting my appeal that was necessitated by blatantly corrupt judges.     


Corrupt Oversight

This story also demonstrates the cover up of judicial corruption by the entity tasked to provide oversight to the judiciary, namely the Advisory Committee for Judicial Conduct. 

Only in the most corrupt state in the nation could an oversight entity cover up evidence of corruption.

As an example, judge Frank Buczynski was cleared of wrong doing by the Advisory Committee for Judicial Conduct yet this web site contains the tangible evidence that Buczynski is a corrupt judge and a deceiving liar; it would seem therefore that Buczynski has ample ground to litigate against me for defamation (see photo above). 

 The investigator for the Advisory Committee for Judicial Conduct who covered up the evidence of Buczynski's corruption has an annual salary (in 2009) of $90,000; the investigator's name is John Tonelli. The primary motivation for the pervasive corruption in my case, in the absence of a direct bribe, can be nothing other than the securing of a high-paying job that is coupled to excellent job benefits.

Corrupt lawmakers

 I will demonstrate the corruption of multiple New Jersey state legislators that include Ocean County (New Jersey) senator Andrew Ciesla and assemblymen James Holzapfel and David Wolfe (all three Republicans). The evidence regarding the blatant sale of civil and criminal law in my case demands the exercise of the balances upon which the three-branch system of government is based, and the  refusal to merely acknowledge the detailed supplied evidence of judicial corruption is clear evidence of their (Ciesla, Holzapfel, and Wolfe) corruption  by the same forces that corrupted the Ocean County judiciary.

There are few duties more important for a lawmaker than to ensure that their constituents are served by an honest judiciary that honors the clear intent of the law, yet the corrupt Republican lawmakers mentioned above will without a doubt be re-elected by an ignorant and/or unethical constituency that ignores the evidence of those lawmakers' corruption.

 Media corruption

The people's best defense against a corrupt government is an honest media, however New Jersey corruption has flourished to the point of bankrupting the state arguably because the same forces that have corrupted the government have also corrupted the media. 

It is not the corruption of individual lawmakers, mayors, or minor officials that is destroying New Jersey, but rather it is organized governmental corruption that is responsible for that destruction. 

 Litigation that is remarkable for repeated and blatant judicial corruption that includes the demonstrable corruption of the state's highest court is newsworthy; that such litigation was not reported by the media is credible evidence that the media too is corrupt. 

 Two of New Jersey's largest newspapers, the Asbury Park Press and the Newark Star Ledger, ignored a newsworthy win after a six-day trial by a whistleblowing registered nurse who represented himself against New Jersey's largest health care system, and ignored the egregious and tangible evidence of corruption at the highest level of state government that this case exposed.

The two newspaper headlines that appear on this page were published by a transparently-biased local publication known as the Ocean County Observer that is now out of business. 

As will be shown in this web site the evidence of criminal retaliation and judicial corruption is overwhelming, yet the Ocean County Observer made no mention whatsoever of that evidence. 




Corrupt nursing organizations

I will demonstrate to the members of the New Jersey nursing profession that the New Jersey State Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association completely and unethically ignored the win at trial of a whistleblowing registered nurse, that those organizations refused to call public attention to the malicious destruction of a registered nurse who tried to protect those who could not protect themselves, and that those organizations refused to warn fellow nurses that the whistle blowing law in New Jersey is worthless and that it provides no protection from unethical but well-connected employers who can buy the protection of New Jersey’s corrupt judiciary. 

Perhaps the aforementioned nursing organizations covered up the story of a trial-winning, whistleblowing RN because it involved nurses who criminally conspired with an employer to retaliate against a whistleblower; the detailed evidence of that criminal conspiracy is provided.  


Readers of this web site will see that I appealed the outcome of a trial that I won, an outcome that denied to me compensation for my ruinous losses as a result of criminal actions taken against me by the Saint Barnabas Heath Care System; those readers will easily recognize the repeated and brazen judicial corruption that I encountered before and after my trial.

The New Jersey Supreme Court denied my appeal for a new trial, but my case did not end with the decision of that demonstrably corrupt court; legal actions can only end as a result of lawful judicial decisions that adhere to clear legislative intent.

My case will end when I receive a fair trial in accordance with established-via-precedent legislative intent. 

Those corrupt elected and appointed officials associated with my case cannot be exonerated (regarding their corruption) by the passage of time.

 My case will end when the associated elected and appointed officials are held accountable for their corruption; I understand that in a corrupt New Jersey this accountability is unlikely.

However I am unwilling to be a silent victim of corruption, and I never again want to stand before a corrupt judge who is held unaccountable by a completely corrupt government.

Therefore I will continue to disseminate evidence of a completely corrupt government, and hope that my fellow citizens understand that they too can become victims of that government.   

David A. Miller

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